Industrial Distillation System

Our latest project that shipped this week is a system that includes a reactor, 2 columns, and a heat exchanger.

This project is a 12-ft. in diameter, 20-ft. tall reactor made with a 1/2-in. thick 304 stainless steel shell and 9/16-in. thick 304 stainless steel head.  This unit has a 4-in. half-pipe coil with 39 wraps on the shell and six wraps on the bottom head.  It is supported by six legs out of 8-in. pipe coped to the bottom head shell.  There are four internal baffles to aid in mixing provided by the center studding flange that will support a 30 HP mixer.  This vessel is rated for 600*F and 125 psi on the coil, and 50 psi on the shell.  This unit weighs 34,000 pounds and all fabricated from 304 stainless steel.  


The half-pipe coil is being installed in the vertical position.  The shell is being stood up on end with two 40-ton cranes.  


A 60-ton crane was used to load the reactor onto a double drop trailer.

This system has two columns that are 24-in. in diameter and 10-ft. tall.  One unit is a packed column with a 2-in. sparer pipe for reflux.  Both columns are tied together via an automated butterfly valve to select either the packed or unpacked columns.  

Heat Exchanger
The product is cooled in a 208*F 3/4-in. stainless steel single pass heat exchanger built on a 10 degree slope.  From the heat exchanger, the final product is stored in a 4-ft. diameter, 10-ft. tall receiver tank.

Installation of system at our customer's location.

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